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yugioh top 10 strongest cards in yu gi oh

Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters with the Highest Attack

Growing up, one of the best things about Yu-Gi-Oh was watching powerful monsters being summoned on the anime or trading for powerful monsters with friends. Back then, a card with attack as low as 2500 would be considered strong but now, there are a huge amount of powerful cards. This list will show the 10 strongest Yu-Gi-Oh monsters in the game today, taking only their original attack into account. If multiple cards have the same attack, they will be ranked by their defence and then their effects and how easy they are to get onto the field and use their attack/defence. Just for fun, I’m going to add some little bonuses to each entry.

“Owned” means if I (the author) own it or not.
“Seen” means if I’ve seen a real life version.

10. Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Owned: No
Seen: No
This card looks very powerful, boasting the joint 3rd highest original attack in the game, Number C107 might trick you into thinking it’s a really good card. It has a lot to offer with its effect but lets be honest, the 2 tributes required aren’t always going to be available and getting 3 level 9 monsters on the field isn’t impossible but it’s not worth the effort when you look at what card you get. Under certain circumstances this card can be devastating but that’s only if you manage to get it on the field, or survive long enough with a deck that will need to have been built around it.

9. Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Owned: No
Seen: No
I love the Photon cards, they look awesome and fit perfectly into my Light/Dragon deck. I own Neo Galaxy-Eyes weaker brother, normal Galaxy-Eyes and it’s a good card. This card has high attack but that’s about where the usefulness ends. If your opponent has a lot of XYZ cards on the field then you’ll be lucky to get the 3 level 8 monsters on the field as most XYZ cards nowadays will just negate any summons or card activations. The effect is very situational and overall just not worth it. Looks cool though.

8. Rainbow Neos

Owned: No
Seen: Yes
I remember one of my friends who didn’t even play Yu-Gi-Oh bought a single pack and got a Ghost Rare one of these. Rainbow Neos was created purely with the anime in mind and to add another powerful, cool looking card for us to look to collect. I think if you built a deck with 3 of these and 3 of each of the cards needed and with support cards for Rainbow Neos then it would actually be a really good deck.

7. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Owned: Yes
Seen: Yes
Blue-Eyes was the big daddy of the game for a long time, now it’s used sometimes but you don’t see it in many powerful decks. I however have a Light/Dragon deck which has this card in it, I rarely summon it but it’s still a powerful slapstick which is easy to get on in the right deck.

I have a lot of Machina cards in different rarities but haven’t really bothered with making a deck out of them. After seeing this card, I might just do it. I looked up the rest of the Machina cards and they look really cool. Machina Force looks difficult to get on the field and to be honest I think the 1000 Life Point cost really makes this card a lot less powerful than it could have been. Quick question for you, can you activate it’s effect (to special summon the 3 monsters) in your opponent’s turn? Comment the answer please, ’cause I might get this

5. Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer

This card can be very powerful in the right situations. Your opponent has no monsters but a couple of face downs that you know will prevent an attack. Just summon this guy up, destroy them and there we go. However, for 3 level 10 monsters it’s very difficult to get on the field and any monster effect like Penguin Soldier can get rid of it easily.

4. Rocket Arrow Express

I can see how this card might be useful in certain situations, like if you have Skill Drain, but it has a ton of downsides which justify the incredibly high attack. I don’t understand how having a monster that requires no cards on the field to summon, can’t attack the turn it is summoned and requires you to discard your entire hand just to keep it on the field is useful. Probably just another gimmick card, but for some reason I really want one.

3. Malefic Truth Dragon

I’ve had the pleasure of duelling this monster a few times and I can say it isn’t the best card but can definitely give you a run for your money. The cost of paying half of your life points is great but you do get a very powerful monster that can win a duel if it catches you off guard.

A very powerful monster which is very easy to get onto the field, just use a Dragon’s Mirror or even a Polymerisation in a Dragon deck as 5 Dragons aren’t that hard to obtain, especially with cards like Masked Dragon. The effect is a nice bonus but nothing special. Overall the fact it’s easy to get on and has no drawbacks is what makes it higher than those with the same attack.

1. Dragon Master Knight

Okay so it’s extremely difficult to get this card on the field but I have to put it first as it’s probably the most awesome card in the game. It also gains 500 Attack for other Dragons so it potentially has the most attack. You can re-arrange them how you like, I just think Dragon Master Knight is the best 5000 attack monster in the game!

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yugioh top 10 strongest cards in yu gi oh

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yugioh top 10 strongest cards in yu gi oh Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters with the Highest Attack Growing up, one of the best things about Yu-Gi-Oh was watching powerful monsters being summoned on the anime or trading for powerful monsters with friends. Back then, a card with attack as low as...